Looking To Help

Family Night Facilitator Guide

In recognition of the importance of family in the resilience of first responders, and for the well-being of family …

Family Support

Resources and support that are available to the families of first responders who may be struggling with their mental …

Supporting Mental Health in First Responders: A Guide for Families

A guide for families to support mental health in first responders.

Supporting mental health in first responders: A guide for supervisors

A guide for supervisors to support mental health in first responders.

Preventing Suicide

How to reduce the risk of suicide, including looking for warning signs.

Supporting a friend or family member with a mental illness

A resource for families and friends of people in the recovery process from a mental illness.

A practical guide for survivors of suicide

A guide that focuses on the practical matters that survivors need to deal with after a suicide. Includes BC …

Family self-care and recovery

A resource for families of people dealing with a mental illness. The focus is on helping families to be …

A toolkit for families

A resource for families supporting children, youth, and adults with a mental or substance use disorder. 5 modules address …

When the Boss may have a mental health issue

Advice on how to reach out to a supervisor or line manager you have concerns about.