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Assessment Tools

Work Ability Assessment Form

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Letter to health care provider

Dear health care provider, At [insert organization name here], we are committed to supporting the mental health of all of our employees. We have a mental health policy in …

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Communication Log

Please use this log to record information shared and decisions made when assisting an employee who is off work or working at reduced capacity due to a mental health …

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Organizational Mental Health Check

First responders are often at the scene of stressful or traumatic events that can have an immediate, cumulative, and lasting impact on their mental health. Organizations need to determine …

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Self-Assessment Tools

Self-assessment tools help you look at your mental health or wellness. These tests look for signs or symptoms that can show up in some mental health issues. They can …

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Is Your Condition Work Related?

WorkSafeBC provides benefits for mental health disorders related to employment though not all mental health disorders qualify for benefits. Similar to physical injuries, the first step in starting your …

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