2023 Conference – Day 2 – Retirement Plenary

2023 Conference – Day 2 – Retirement Plenary

Retirement Reimagined
Presented by Tammy Vigue

Retirement planning typically focuses on financial planning. But for first responders, your work likely provides more than just a regular paycheck. You may think that work isn’t what you do, it’s who you are. As a result, to have a successful retirement, you will need to find ways to replace the benefits you get from your work, beyond the income: status, identity, friendships, challenge, structure and purpose.

This session focuses on the non-financial aspects of retirement planning for first responders; asking you to consider what you’ll be retiring to.

What will give your life meaning and purpose when you are no longer working full-time? How will you replace the structure that your career provides? How will you define yourself when you are no longer a “insert your job title here”?

You’ll answer these questions and more as Retirement Coach, Tammy Vigue, walks you through a simple 3-step retirement life planning process called the Retirement MAP (Mindset, Authentic Self, Purpose)