2023 Conference – Day 1 – The Social Brain

The Social Brain: Why Our Brains are Wired to Connect with Others
Presented by Terry Small

Our need for human connection is as important as our need for safety, food or shelter. Healthy brains need social contact, and spending time with others strengthens our “mentalizing network”, which can be incredibly special to facilitate our dealings with other people. It allows us to peer inside the minds of those around us, take into account their hopes, fears, goals and intentions, and as a result, interact with them much more effectively. We become better at relationships, leadership, and life!

In this session you will learn why the remarkable discovery of “mirror neurons” can change your life, how a kind word can change the very structure of someone’s brain, and how to manage the “greatest danger” to your brain!

Being social, can help us all be happier, more productive and more successful people!