2023 Conference – Day 1 – Family Plenary

Let’s Talk About It: Strategies to support young people’s understanding of parental operational stress injury
Presented by Dr. Helena Hawryluk & Jerris Popik

This presentation will focus on creating a healthy foundation for parents (together, separated, or blended families) to understand how operational stress injuries can impact children and youth and offer strength-based strategies to open communication on OSI’s within the family. Dr. Helena Hawryluk and Ms. Jerris Popik focus on supporting young people’s well-being within the journey of healing from a complex and confusing psychological injury. Talking about it with your kids can be scary and overwhelming. Knowledge around how and what to say will empower parents to keep the conversation going to support emotional regulation and coping strategies to ensure everyone in the family can be resilient.

As Directors and Founders of the Wounded Warriors Canada Warrior Kids Program, Jerris and Helena will go over how the Warrior Kids Programs can help support your children and youth in understanding invisible injuries, build connection with other young people and create new coping tools for stronger mental health.