2021 Speaker series – Session 5

In this together: Family resilience and first responder mental health
We often hear that family connection is important for positive mental health, but why? Learn about the importance of family resilience, research and key findings on family support, and hear from the personal insights of a first responder’s family experience. This webinar will offer a deeper understanding of the lived experiences, from a panel that includes a first responder, a first responder’s spouse, and a mental health clinician who specializes in supporting first responders and their families. Also included on the panel, a clinical expert speaking to research and key findings. Leaders will gain knowledge on how to promote family resilience, and learn more about the support and resources available to help build family resilience in their organizations and among their members. An open dialogue with the speaker panel will be followed by moderated discussion and a question and answer period.

Panelists: Lionel and Joanna Crowther, Dr. Mark Davies, Leah Pells
Moderator: Trudi Rondou