2021 Speaker series – Session 4

Silent struggles: A look at stigma and co-morbidities in the first responder community
In this webinar, we’ll take a deeper look into why first responders continue to suffer in silence and struggle with co-morbidities, such as substance misuse and suicidality. Learn about important research findings, statistics, and how to proactively reduce mental health stigma in your organization. First responder leaders can expect to learn about prevention strategies, practical tools, and how to navigate the resources available to address comorbidities in the first responder community. Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to engage with a recently retired first responder and a chaplain, who will share their personal insights and make suggestions on how leaders can support those who may be silently struggling alone. The clinical experts will deliver presentations to be followed by moderated discussion and a question and answer period.

Panelists: Emma Hyde, Dr. David Kuhl, Dr. Ross Laird, Jef Young
Moderator: Trudi Rondou