2019 Conference – Day 2 – Breakout Stream B

2019 Conference – Day 2 – Breakout stream B

The Resilience Training Needs of Paramedics & Dispatchers: A Study of BCEHS Staff
Dr. Bilsker will provide an overview of the study, in which he surveyed EMS personnel to identify basic coping factors relevant to customizing training to this occupational group. Five “resilient coping factors” were identified. They provide a basis for designing resilience training that responds to the unique coping profiles of EMS workers.

BC First Responder Resiliency Program
What is resilience? Is it a characteristic of the individual or, like high performance, a capacity that also emerges through, and is strengthened by, cohesive teams and supportive organizational cultures? Dr. Shields is currently developing and evaluating a First Responder Resiliency Program to support personnel coping with operational stress injuries, and to create a more inclusive and supportive work culture.

Finding Wisdom in the Wound of Trauma: Research Developments in Healing and Discovery
The roots and paths of trauma are complex and sometimes surprising. The approaches that people follow in their search for healing reflect the diversity and resilience of human character. Trauma can be a burden, an opening, a source of wisdom, and many other things. The path of healing does not lead us back to the person we once were. Trauma changes us, shapes us, creates new perspectives for us, and perhaps even new values. These changes do not feel positive as they are happening. But authentic trauma healing also involves recognizing that wisdom lies hidden inside the wound – that meaning and purpose are to be found through the experience. How do we find the wisdom, meaning, and purpose to carry us forward?

Occupational Awareness for Practitioners
Matt is the creator of an innovative course for mental health professionals titled Occupational Awareness Training for Therapists: Understanding First Responder Trauma. This “first of its kind” initiative provides specialized training to counsellors who look to build a sustainable, working relationship with first responders.