2019 Conference – Day 2 – Breakout Stream A

2019 Conference – Day 2 – Breakout stream A

Moving forward – Next Steps for Mental Health Case Management, Recovery and Return To Work
WorkSafeBC is continuing to develop and strengthen programs and supports for injured workers with mental health injuries. In this session, you will learn about the new service delivery model for injured workers with mental health claims at WorkSafeBC. It will include an overview of new treatment approaches and the early results of an expanded multidisciplinary case management team. A case study will highlight the benefits of taking an individualized approach to ensure greater success with treatment and return to work interventions.

A Collaborative Approach to Mental Health in an Integrated (Fire-EMS) Department: A Case Example
A successful and sustainable mental health program requires collaboration among key groups such as union representatives, management, third party providers/insurance carriers, and medical professionals. This session will review the challenges and successes experienced over a six-year time frame (2012-present) within Strathcona County Emergency Services (SCES), an integrated Fire-EMS department, in their ongoing efforts to implement best practices and to support the health and well-being of their members.