2019 Conference – Day 1 – Breakout Stream B

2019 Conference – Day 1 – Breakout stream B

Case Study Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services
This program engages and informs first responders in three crucial areas relevant to their work: trauma, mental health problems, and building resiliency. Resilient Minds is based on CMHA’s ‘4R Action Toolkit’ to build skills needed to assist colleagues, family, or members of the public who may be struggling with a mental health problem or be in crisis. In this session we will provide an overview of the program, including a discussion of the rollout strategy used by VF&RS, and take a look at the final results, which were compiled by Abor Educational, an external evaluation and consulting agency.

Peer Support Panel
Panelists will participate in this moderated session about best practices in peer support and CISM including: team selection, training, and how they are promoting positive mental health in their first responder communities.